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What’s Chinese (上海沃茶文化传播有限公司)


What’s Chinese  is an innovative Chinese language-learning platform that breaks away from traditional teaching models, connecting you face-to-face with a native speaker and professional teacher of Chinese. Just tell us what you want to learn and when you’re free, and we do the rest.

 -Learn Chinese on YOUR schedule, with YOUR interests-.

What’s Chinese lets you learn Chinese through topics you’re interested in. Each of the courses on our site covers a single theme, but each theme can generate many different classes based on the materials that you want to cover. Just pick a subject that interests you and our teachers will work with you to create a personalized course on the material. Then they’ll schedule a class when it’s most convenient for you. Easy!

-Learn from professional Chinese teachers who speak your language-

All of our teachers have lived abroad and know what it’s like to learn a foreign language. More than just well-prepared and qualified professionals, our tutors understand different cultures and have probably even lived in your country! For those who need to learn about specific professional topics, like business, our tutors are specialized in many professional areas as well.

-Learning Chinese does NOT have to be an ordeal-

We want to eliminate the belief that Chinese is impossible to learn. Whether you want to study casually (with classes on traditional Chinese songs, the story of Kung Fu, or making friends in China) or more seriously (like preparing for the HSK), we’ll work with you to give you the language-learning experience you’re looking for.

Check out our website at:


You can also get up-to-date news through our Facebook and Twitter accounts, where we’ll be releasing new services, surprises, promotions, and deals in the next few months!


Middle Yanan Road #841, OOCL Plaza Interior 105.


200020 Shanghai, China

TEL :  +862162895009

Email : whatschinese@hotmail.com

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  1. It’s a good web for learning Chinese.You are worth having

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