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Wang Chuan(王川)


Wang Chuan graduated from XISU (Xi’An International Studies University), majoring in Teaching Chinese as a Second language to Foreigners. Mr.Wang has worked in The Chinese Language Center at The Open University of China for 2 years,and he has much experience of teaching Chinese and organizing Chinese culture activities.He prefer to be a friend with students in class, and to learn with them in a happy way. Now he works at Global Times-Target Chinese to help people learn Chinese online and hope more and more students love Target Chinese.

王川老师,毕业于西安外国语大学对外汉语专业。王老师曾任职于国家开放大学对外汉语教学中心,积累了丰富的汉语教学经验以及文化活动组织经验。在教学中,王老师喜欢与学生成为朋友并且与他们一起快乐学习。现在王老师任职于环球时报英文版,创建Target Chinese,期望帮助更多的学生通过在线学习的方式学习汉语。

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