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‘Spider-man’ takes a leap of faith


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Chinese you need:

Famous:著名的 (qìyīng)

Debut :处女秀 (zhēngyì)

Climb :爬 (kěxíngxìng)

Conclude :结束 (shēngwù de)

Extreme : 极端 (jiānhùrén)

Cheer :欢呼 (zànshí de)

Jump :跳 (zhǐdìng de)

Crowd :人群 (xiàolǜ)

Architectural :建筑的 (bǎohù)

Cooperate :合作 (hézuò)

Adoption :领养 (lǐngyǎng)

Question :质疑 (zhìyí)

Investigation :调查 (diàochá)

Welfare :福利 (fúlì)

The famous climber known as a real-world “Spider-man,” Austrian Mich Kemeter made his China debut by scaling the tallest building in Changsha, capital of Hunan Province on Sunday, making the 286-meter climbwith his bare hands in less than an hour – before taking a leap of faith from the top.

The 45-floor climb that began at 11:38 am and concluded when the 25-year-old world record-holder inextreme sports reached the top of the Northstar Delta building at 12:23 am was broadcast live on Hunan ETV channel.

Thousands of Chinese people cheered for him at the base of the building – before he jumped down from the top of the building, wowing people in the crowds who described the stunt as “so cool.”

It was the first time for Kemeter to climb up an urban architectural space with a smooth glass curtain wall, a surface that is challenging to climb, especially in summer temperatures, China Central Television reported Sunday.

 Global Times

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