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Speaking of China: Chinese parent pressures

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Chinese parents can be… demanding. Especially if you’re pushing 30 and you’re not married yet – then you can expect a lot of not-so-subtle questions about whether you have someone waiting in the wings, and maybe a few million suggestions for potential candidates.

Whether you’re Chinese or not, we want to know what you think about Chinese parents’ attitude to their kids’ marriage. Is there too much pressure? Or are they doing the right thing, making sure their children have someone to take care of them? Or do you know some Chinese parents who are actually laid back about their offspring’s marriage chances? Tell us a story or just give us your opinion on the subject for a chance to win a T-shirt and a pair of Global Times chopsticks in our latest “Speaking of China …” reader contest!


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The closing date for entries is 4 pm (Beijing time) on March 6.


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Global Times reserves the right to alter or close the contest at any time. Global Times reserves the right to disqualify any entrant suspected of cheating.

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