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RICH Chinese summer camp


Program Highlights:

Based in Beijing Language and Culture University, as known as “Little United Nations” – top university in Beijing, ranks number 1 of teaching Chinese as a foreign language;

Best accommodation in Beijing camps – 4 star on-camp hotel;

1 bilingual camp counselor for every 5 students- offer 24hours supervision;

Intensive Chinese course with at least 3 levels;

One-to-one Chinese tutoring – one hour per day, college students majored in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language work as tutors;

More outdoor Chinese study – 6 half-day trips as well as 6 whole-day trips, all trips and activities focus on developing in depth language skills in Chinese as well as built up self-confidence and teamwork ability;

Breakfast upgrade to western buffet style offered by the host 4 star hotel.

Program Description:

We are proud of offering high quality campsite at Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) campus — best campsite and accommodation among camps based in Beijing.

Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) was founded in 1962. It is the only international university in China with its main task set at teaching the Chinese language and culture to foreign students.

BLCU campus covers an area of 38 hectares, is located in the Zhongguancun Scientific and Technological Park and along Xueyuan Road. The garden-like campus provides a comfortable living and studying environment for students from both home and abroad. Places for students’ studying and recreation are usually imbued with Chinese cultural features that make the campus more attractive to international students.

With a building area of 5,040 square meters, the university sports center is fully equipped with various sports facilities, including: football field, Swimming center, Badminton courts, volleyball court and basketball court.

On the campus, a variety of restaurants can meet the needs of different students, serving Chinese, Western-style, Islamic (or Moslem) food and fast food. Also, you may easily find on-campus bank, post office and school hospital with 24/7 emergency room.



Students will stay in an on-campus four-star university-owned hotel – Geosciences International Conference Center. It is safe and comfortable. They will stay in a twin room with bathroom with 24hours hot water shower; air-conditioner; all sets of furniture; cable TV; etc. There is free WIFI connection in the lobby and free cable internet access in rooms. Counselors also stay on the same floor with students.


Course(s) Arrangement

Our distinguished Chinese courses focus on developing the four main language skills in Chinese: speaking, listening, reading and writing, while each has its own emphasis in interesting and highly efficient ways.

Students will accept Chinese level assessment on the first day of camp (both speaking test and writing test), and be placed into different group according to the test result. We have a group of experienced professional Chinese language instructors. They all hold master degrees in teaching Chinese as a foreign language, have at least 5 years of teaching experience, especially our teaching supervisor has over 10 years experience of teenager Chinese education.

For beginners, speaking and listening abilities will be emphasized while for Chinese origin students, the course will develop in depth their skills on Chinese character recognition, paragraph speaking and writing. For those students coming from international schools which run AP/IB/IGCSE program, they will receive supportive and comprehensive guidance and evaluation on examination preparation.

Except for Chinese course, a set of interesting Chinese culture enhanced courses will be introduced to students, such as Chinese history, martial arts, calligraphy, Chinese painting, traditional instruments, paper cutting, engraving, etc. Culture courses help students get a thorough understanding of Chinese language and culture in a relaxing way which will benefit their language learning.

Certificate issued by Beijing Language and Culture University will be offered to students after passing the final exam. Also we would love to help with academic credit transfer by providing transcript and other documents that school needs.


2014 Summer Camp Schedule


Session Date & Duration Price Application deadline
Session 1 June 13th-June 28th
(16 days)
(about 2990 USD)
June 10th
Session 2 June 29th-July 19th
(21 days)
(about 3540 USD)
June 20th
Session 3 July 13th-August 2nd
(21 days)
(about 3550 USD)
July 10th
Session 4 July 27th-August 9th
(14 days)
(about 2580 USD)
July 20th
1. Age range: 8 to 18 years old.
2. Please note that the price in USD and HKD is subject to change with currency exchange rate fluctuations.
3. Please download FAQs to see what price includes and excludes.
4. Students could take day camp programs only, 18,000 RMB from 9:00 am – 16:30pm, please contact us for details.

Discount Policy:

1,000rmb off per student for early bird applications on or before March 31st;

1,000rmb off per student for returning student;

500 rmb off per student for 2 family siblings;

1,000rmb off per student for a group of 3 or above (siblings/friends);

students could have only one of above discounts

2014 Camp Itinirary

session 1: BLCU-2014Session 1.PDF
session 2: BLCU-2014Session 2.PDF
session 3: BLCU-2014Session 3.PDF
session:4: BLCU-2014Session 4.PDF​


We schedule 4 whole-day Beijing city tours as well as a 3-days Inner Mongolia field trip. (please find the details in sample schedule and brochure.)

Trips always are the most exciting part of our camp. Students will enjoy the great view of Beijing like the Great Wall, 2008 Beijing Olympic stadiums, the Forbidden City and traditional Hutong. Also have fun time in the water park of Water Cube – the largest water park in Asian, best choice in hot summer time! Hiking, canoeing, picnic, show… and a lot more!

Field trip option A: Inner Mongolia exploration trip is always students’ favorite. Grassland, desert, camel riding, horse riding, sand sliding, bonfire party… All help them to discover a different culture and experience the greatness of the nature.

Field trip option B: Explore the great Chinese culture by visit Shaolin Temple, Longmen Grottos, ancient Kaifeng City, etc., experience the amazing Chinese Kungfu, get a better understanding of Chinese history.

We cooperate with travel agency with the high reputation to ensure safety for all students. They are under the supervision and guidance with a group of bilingual counselors and tour guides.


Bilingual counselor

RICH staffs are a huge part of summer camp. We have a group of friendly bilingual camp counselors to stay with students the whole time during the camp. The mission of counselors is”to serve with pleasure”, they are nice, energetic and happy people, they are native Chinese speaker also speak fluent English, (some of them could speak French and Spanish). Counselors will be 24/7 companion for students and being specialized in various duties, their jobs include: leading students to classroom/dorm; having meals with students; organize sports and games during sports time; being workshop instructor; tour guides; stay on the same floor of dorm with students; etc.

Airport pick up and drop off

We offer airport pick up and drop off for each students enroll in RICH summer camp. Just make sure with us the flight information. Counselors will be waiting for each student at least 20 minutes before landing time. We are going to hold a BLCU red board as well as a board with students’ name on, waiting at the custom exit. There will be no problem finding us. Students will be collected from Beijing Airport International or Domestic terminal and transported directly to their accommodation destination.
P.s:please feel free to contact us for information if a student will fly with UM service (unaccompanied minor).

Passport / Pocket money safekeeping

For the sake of the safety, we strongly suggested that we keep the passport and pocket money or traveler’s check for students.


We have several cleaning ladies to help with laundry and housekeeping without surcharge.

Medical care

Please make sure to buy travel insurance or medical insurance at you home country. There is a university hospital only 10 mins of walking distance from student’s dorm, also an international hospital 10 mins of driving distance. Please always tell a counselor if one feels sick. If one needs to take medicine regularly, parents should always tell a counselor about how the medicine should be administered.

Chinese visa

There are different types of Chinese visa. The one that our students and parents should apply is L type (tourist visa) issued to an alien who comes to China for sightseeing, family visiting or other private purposes. Please contact us for documents if you need help.


  • Is RICH enrolling students from different countries? If yes, what countries?
  • What’s the number of students RICH has in the summer camp in total?
  • What does the program price include and exclude?
  • My kid doesn’t know any Chinese, could we apply for your program?
  • I noticed you have 3 workshops this year, are we allowed to choose one before the camp? What do they do in the workshops?
  • Do they have shops in buying daily things in the campus, any small supermarket / shop?
  • In reaching the parents, what will RICH gonna arrange for them? Do they have a time to be allowed to call the parents? How they can keep in touch with the families?

More FAQs please download:FAQse.pdf

Contact information

Ms. Summer


Tel: (+86) 10 8230-3067

Website: www.realinchina.com

BLCU summer campus address:

中国,北京市,海淀区学院路15号 北京语言大学 教2楼 505室

No.15 Xueyuan Road,Haidian District,Beijing,CHINA

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