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MyEChinese Essay Contest

挑战中国通英文版 (1) 

MyEChinese  Essay Contest

As the popularity of Chinese and Chinese culture increases worldwide, more and more people are choosing Chinese as a second language.

Are you one of them?

Do you want to share your experiences of learning Chinese with others?

Do you want to share your unique understanding of Chinese culture with others?

Do you want to share interesting stories of your time in China with others?


If you answered ‘yes!’ to the above questions, we invite you to take part in our MyEChinese Cup Chinese Essay Contest!

The essay contest is aimed at global foreign Chinese learners who are interested in and familiar with Chinese culture and who are able to write essays in Chinese.


Themes and content of the essay contest include:

1)       Interesting things that you have seen in China or the interesting people you have met.

2)       Funny or awkward things that have happened to you in China because of cultural differences or language misunderstandings..

3)       Your feelings towards Chinese culture or the cultural conflicts you felt when you first arrived in China.

4)       How do you feel about the status of Chinese society in general, or a particular Chinese social phenomenon.

5)       Your personal experience of Chinese food, or Chinese natural and human landscapes.

6)       The experiences you have taken away from learning Chinese.


Essay requirements:

1)       The essay should be an original piece written by the contributor and must not have been previously published in any form. Multiple submissions will not be accepted.

2)       No restrictions are given on essay style and topic. Illustrations with the essay are encouraged.

3)       The essay should be written in Chinese at a length of about 600 to 1000 Chinese characters (an English translation could be provided for reference).

4)       Teacher’s name, institution and contact details (email, phone) should be given at the end of the essay if the writer has been recommended by their teacher or has received guidance from their teacher.


Essay Submission Method:

Please visit MyEChinese community interaction site at http://i.myechinese.com, create an account and find the “MyEChinese Cup Chinese Essay Contest” group to submit your essay.


Essay Submission Deadline:

June 22, 2014



 First prize: One entrant

One Kindle Fire HD tablet (32G) + award certificate


Second prize: Three entrants

One Kindle Paperwhite e-reader + award certificate


Third prize: Six entrants

One set Exploring Chinese Culture DVD or related online courses + award certificate


Excellent prize: 30 entrants

One MyEChinese logo cup or equivalent prize + award certificate


Participant’s prize: 60 entrants

One MyEChinese online course experience card + award certificate


Selected essays will be recommended to publishing houses such as BLCUP or the Multimedia Press of CRTVU for publishing in print, online or on mobile.


Teachers who have recommended students or provided guidance for the selected essays will also be awarded prizes.

For more information, please visit:


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