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Meng Ruilan (孟瑞兰)


• Name:

Molly Meng

• Professional Expertise:

Expert in Spoken Chinese instruction, HSK exam prep, ILR exam prep; over 4 years of teaching experience in Xi’an, Shanghai and Beijing.

• Teaching Philosophy:

I believe that learning Chinese should be fun, practical and effective. As your teacher this is my focus.

• Favorite part of being a HelloChinese teacher:

I really enjoy the moments when my students makeprogress, and when they share their amazing livesand culture with me.For me, teaching Chinese is a fantastic life style rather than a job.

• Top tip for learning Chinese:

The best way to learn Chinese is to communicate with other people. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

• Fun Fact about me:

I love the nature. I am a vegetarian and very interested in natural remedies. I wish one day we can move away frommedicine and surgery.

• What my students say about me:

“Molly is a gifted and insightful teacher.”(Jim Powers, Internet Business Owner, USA).

“Molly was very professional and helpful. She focused on the topics I wanted to talk about and gave me helpful corrections so that I would be able to speak about them more accurately.” (Scott Burgan, English teacher, Adelaide, Australia)

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