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Live & Fun Learning


Who is “Live & Fun Learning”?

Live & Fun Learning is an educational social enterprise comprised of education professionals who want to create a link between teachers and eager learners across the globe.

The LFL management team members are educators from Asia, Europe and North America. LFL aims to support Chinese language acquisition and improve educational processes by providing more flexible, convenient and affordable learning platforms and promoting cultural exchanges via the use of communication technologies.


Our programs:

1.Chinese language program

For individuals

We provide online one-on-one Chinese tutoring for anyone who wants to improve his/her Chinese skill for career advancements, HSK and other Chinese tests, or people who want to maintain their Chinese abilities after studying abroad in China.

For academic programs

We provide supplementary tutoring in grammar, pronunciation and much more to enhance student’s learning outcome; and by monitoring students’ learning progress, help to reduce professors’ work load.

2.Networking & Bilingual Forum(Beijing)

The best way to assimilate in a new culture is to meet others, locals and foreigners alike, to shear feelings, experiences and knowledge.

LFL will help you meet people, Chinese and non-Chinese, from many different universities and different programs in Beijing both online and off-line. You can share very thing from finding the best (cheapest) beer to finding best internship in town.

LFL also organizes bi-weekly Bilingual Forums to engage Chinese and foreign students in serious conversations about serious issues.

3.Outings(Beijing and other cities in China)

Many programs will have their own tours around Beijing, but we would like to take you off the beaten path and see the real Beijing. Be that old Hutongs, hiking on Great Wall, cooking with a Chinese family or a popular sport event it will help you grasp the soul of the city while have the best time.

Website: www.livefunlearning.com                                                             Or scan me QQ图片20140416113320






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