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International School of Beijing-Shunyi(北京顺义国际学校)

Welcome to ISB
tarek-3Dr. Tarek RazikNi Hao and Welcome to ISB,
I am honored to serve as the eleventh Head of this vibrant community of students and educators, and on behalf of the entire school community I invite you to learn more about us. Whether you are a prospective student, parent, or teacher, you will find that our website is full of useful information and dynamic photos that tell the story of our school.At ISB we have set high but attainable goals for teaching and learning in the 21st century. My philosophy is quite simple: schools should be challenging, safe, and fun for everyone. Students, teachers, and parents should enjoy being part of a learning community that continually strives to elicit individual excellence in all realms of development. Community members should provide one another with high levels of support and empathy.No single formula makes a school great. Rather it is the dedication and professionalism of teachers, the motivation and desire of students, and the understanding and support of parents that allow us to make “magic” happen every day, for every child. Artistically, academically, and athletically, ISB provides opportunities for students of all abilities to shine, to experience success, and to really enjoy being learners. Each student at ISB becomes part of a community that fosters individual inquiry, real-world learning experiences, and the promotion of social responsibility. As an educational institution, we celebrate the success and acknowledge the effective effort of all students.We encourage you to visit us, on the web or in person, and discover the opportunities for personal growth and academic excellence that an ISB education affords. Spend some time with us, get to know us, and by all means get in touch with us if you have questions or comments. Welcome to ISB!
Sincerely,Tarek Razik

Our Mission

The International School of Beijing offers an academically rigorous, balanced, and engaging learning environment, enriched by being in China and strengthened by collaboration with parents and external partnerships.  We cultivate inspirational and creative opportunities to develop each student’s unique potential.  We nurture confidence and intellectual curiosity through experiential learning and innovative applications of knowledge and skills.
The International School of Beijing aspires to be an adaptive, inspirational, forward-looking learning community, cultivating relationships that ignite each student’s passion for lifelong-learning.  We will nurture the intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development of each child.  We will embrace change, inspire creativity and foster innovation.  We will actively promote global understanding and respect within and between cultures.  Our community will model integrity and seek opportunities to serve with compassion and conviction.
History of the School
ISB: Thirty Years in Beijing

It is no coincidence that ISB’s history parallels that of China’s changing interaction with other countries over the course of the past three decades. In fact, the history of our school goes back a little bit farther—to the time when Henry Kissinger, Richard Nixon, and Zhou Enlai first opened relations between China and the United States. In the early 1970s, a tiny foreign school was established in Beijing, under the auspices of the United States Liaison Office in Beijing, precursor to the US Embassy.

This first foreign classroom was wedged into a hallway in a diplomatic apartment compound in Sanlitun. With eight students and two certified teachers, it was dubbed “the Little Red Schoolhouse” by Newsweek magazine—a reference not to the school’s architecture, but to the politics of the era.

In 1980, with the growth of other diplomatic communities, the US Embassy merged its school with those of the British and Australian embassies. The Canadian and New Zealand embassies joined in, and the five nations together formally founded the International School of Beijing. Located on the grounds of the U.S. Embassy, the school provided education for the children of the five founding embassies; eventually, as space allowed, children from other embassies were permitted to enroll.

Bound by the strict requirements imposed on diplomatic schools, the founding embassies nevertheless worked to meet educational needs of the growing expatriate community in Beijing. As the business environment developed and the population of expatriates swelled, ISB grew to meet the educational needs of a broader range of foreign families.

In 1988, under new regulations, China’s Ministry of Foreign affairs officially registered ISB as a “school for diplomatic children.” The campus moved to the Lido complex of offices and housing units, and the school was permitted to accept applications from all expatriate residents of Beijing.

International Accreditation and a New Home

In January 2002, the Beijing Municipal Education Bureau allowed ISB to be restructured as an “independent school for foreign children.” From this time, the school began to flourish—no longer just an important educational preserve of “embassy kids,” ISB became a respected international school, with programs and accreditation signifying the breadth and depth of the school’s vision. In 1991, ISB became the first school in Beijing to offer the full Diploma Programme of the International Baccalaureate Organization.

In January of 2007, ISB won full marks from three important accrediting agencies: the Chinese National Council on Curriculum and Textbooks (NCCT); the Council on American and International Schools Abroad (CAISA) of the US-based New England Association of Schools and Colleges; and the Council of International School (CIS), an international, globally focused accrediting agency specializing in international education worldwide.

Along with this academic development came physical and structural expansion. In 2002, the school moved to a 33-acre, purpose-built facility in the northeastern suburbs of the growing capital. Within our state-of-the-art facilities on the Shunyi campus, the highest standards of teaching and learning are pursued. A carefully designed standards-based curriculum incorporates the best elements and best practices of international education. Our professional learning community resonates with the enthusiasm of talented, dedicated faculty. The ISB curriculum is fully aligned, from the earliest grades (Early Childhood-Age 3) through Grade 12. The facilities—including a theater, sports fields, libraries, gymnasiums, swimming pool, art center, and performing arts wing—are constantly updated, and our students benefit from the most advanced tools and technology for learning in the 21st Century.

Looking Ahead

Thirty years after its founding, ISB has been transformed—just as relations between China and the rest of the world have been transformed over the course of the past three decades. The ISB Board of Trustees, elected by and from the school’s community of parents, is charged with governance of the school. The student body now includes nearly 1900 students from more than 50 countries. Careful stewardship of resources, curriculum development, faculty retention, and Board sustainability—all called for by the school’s strategic plan and overseen by the school Board—will carry ISB into the next decade and beyond.

How to Find Us

ISB is located northeast of the city, in the Shunyi District. We are just 15 minutes from Beijing’s International Airport and within a five-minute drive of five of the most popular housing compounds for expatriate families. Equidistant from the Airport Expressway and the Jing Cheng Expressway, ISB is also easy to reach from downtown Beijing.


ISB’s Address: 
No. 10 An Hua Street, Shunyi District, Beijing 101318
The People’s Republic of China
中国 北京市 顺义区安华街10号, 邮编: 101318

Telephone Number:  (8610) 8149-2345
Email for General Inquiries

Download  Directions via Jingcheng Expressway (Chinese only)

​ Click to download ISB Map
Contact Us

If you don’t know the extension of the office / individual you are trying to reach, our reception desk, who will eventually take your call, can direct you the the person you wish to speak to.


ISB’s main line 8149-2345

Fax: 8046-2002



​Admissions Office ​
​Fax: ​8046-2003
​Email: Admissions Office
​Telephone ​8149-2345 ext. 1047



Early Years Program
​Fax: 8046-5392
​Email: Early Years Program Office
​Telephone 8149-2345 ext. 1033



Elementary School
​Fax: 8046-2007
​Email: Elementary School Office
​Telephone 8149-2345 ext.1071



Middle School
​Fax: 8046-2001
​Email: Middle School Office
​Telephone 8149-2345 ext. 1081/ 1083 / 1084



High School
​Fax: 8046-2005
​Email: ​High School Office
​Telephone 8149-2345 ext. 1091 / 1093 / 1094

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