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Easy Chinese

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Easy Chinese is a series of practical and intensive Chinese learning courses that were developed specifically for adult Chinese learners.

The App version of Easy Chinese utilizes 11 themes, which include 7 ~9 units for each theme with live-action videos, simulated dialogues, and role playing games, as well as practical, intelligible culture tips, which covers nearly all the topics needed for daily communication.


The App helps learners to swiftly master the most authentic practical Chinese, to learn about the fundamentals of Chinese culture, and to solve various linguistic difficulties frequently faced by learners of the Chinese language.

Product Information: Course format: 2-3 Talks + 1 Role Playing Dialogue + 1 Cultural Tip Live-action videos of 2 ~ 3 minutes in length Chinese, English, and Pinyin subtitles Simulated dialogues and role playing exercises Easy Chinese –“3 in 1” fast-track Chinese training program: Chinese learning + professional learning + internship and employment guidance.

The app includes all of the Easy Chinese lessons on s.myechinese.com. Learners can purchase the continuously updating lessons in the app.

Easy Chinese download here:


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