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Li Ye(李晔)


Li Ye, senior teacher of Teaching Chinese as a foreign language (TCFL) and also a TCFL trainer, is graduated from Heilongjiang University, majoring in Teaching Chinese as a foreign language (TCFL). He has a ten-year TCFL experience and has taught over 6,000 class hours at educational institutions, universities in China, and Confucius Institute abroad. Having engaged in TCFL training since 2010, Li is capable of helping prospective teachers start teaching quickly.Li has posted many articles regarding Chinese as a foreign language with the ID “Yezi”, and enjoys quite a high reputation in the TCFL circle. He is now working at Beijing Language and Culture University Press.[......]

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Cao Xiaoyan(曹小燕)


Cao Xiaoyan, Master’s degree from Communication University of China – Communication & Journalism. Cao Xiaoyan is a senior Mandarin teacher. She is enthusiastic, patient and responsible and has been teaching Mandarin as a foreign language since 2004. Ms. Cao’s experience includes teaching conversational, academic and classical Mandarin to foreign students, in environments ranging from small lectures to individual and small-group discussion classes. She has a deep understanding of Chinese traditional culture, especially in Chinese characters, Chinese traditional painting, calligraphy, and Chinese Martial Arts (Bagua Zhang). [......]

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Confucius Institute Online (网络孔子学院)

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Confucius Institute Online is devoted to creating a most influential and comprehensive website in the world by inventing effective functions such as online Chinese teaching, Chinese culture discovery, global-oriented community and media system to satisfy the need of people who are interested in Chinese learning all around the world, promote the understanding of Chinese language culture, enhance the educational and cultural cooperation between China and the world, develop the friendship between China and other countries, help to develop multicultural environment and to build up a harmonious world.[......]

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Wang Chuan(王川)


WangChuan graduated from XISU (Xi'An International Studies University), majoring in Teaching Chinese as a Second language to Foreigners. Mr.Wang has worked in The Chinese Language Center at The Open University of China for 2 years,and he has much experience of teaching Chinese and organizing Chinese culture activities.He prefer to be a friend with students in class, and to learn with them in a happy way. Now he works at Global Times-Target Chinese to help people learn Chinese online and hope more and more students love Target Chinese.[......]

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Meng Ruilan (孟瑞兰)


• Name:Molly Meng • Professional Expertise: Expert in Spoken Chinese instruction, HSK exam prep, ILR exam prep; over 4 years of teaching experience in Xi’an, Shanghai and Beijing. • Teaching Philosophy:I believe that learning Chinese should be fun, practical and effective. As your teacher this is my focus. • Favorite part of being a HelloChinese teacher:I really enjoy the moments when my students makeprogress, and when they share their amazing livesand culture with me.For me, teaching Chinese is a fantastic life style rather than a job. • Top tip for learning Chinese:The best way to learn Chinese is to communicate with other people. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. • Fun Fact about me:I love the nature. I am a vegetarian and very interested in natural remedies. I wish one day we can move away frommedicine and surgery. • What my students say about me: “Molly is a gifted and insightful teacher.”(Jim Powers, Internet Business Owner, USA). “Molly was very professional and helpful. She focused on the topics I wanted to talk about and gave me helpful corrections so that I would be able to speak about them more accurately.” (Scott Burgan, English teacher, Adelaide, Australia)[......]

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