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Recommended Institutions

Global Mandarin


Global Mandarin is an up-and-coming online Chinese Mandarin learning school, which has many teachers with actual combat experience, was founded in 2013. It was founded to provide the flexible, convenient and professional learning experience for those who have interest in Chinese language and culture. You can learn whenever and wherever you like. Through various Chinese language courses and culture activities, your private Chinese tutor would help you to improve your skills of commercial and daily communication, culture exchange and so on. All the classes will be designed based on each learner’s level, specific needs, pace, style and even culture background. You give the trust to us; we create the success for you![......]

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What’s Chinese (上海沃茶文化传播有限公司)


What’s Chinese is an innovative Chinese language-learning platform that breaks away from traditional teaching models, connecting you face-to-face with a native speaker and professional teacher of Chinese. Just tell us what you want to learn and when you're free, and we do the rest.What's Chinese lets you learn Chinese through topics you're interested in. Each of the courses on our site covers a single theme, but each theme can generate many different classes based on the materials that you want to cover. Just pick a subject that interests you and our teachers will work with you to create a personalized course on the material. Then they'll schedule a class when it's most convenient for you. Easy![......]

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HSChinese (汉声中文)


Shanghai Hansheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. is an online education company that specializes in teaching Chinese as a foreign language and spreading Chinese cultures.Founded in 2012, the company now has an entrepreneur team of about 30 people and has accumulated senior industry background and extensive ties in the fields of Internet technology and Chinese for foreigners. Hansheng Chinese TCSL Platform is currently the only all-terminal TCSL education platform.Over 80 countries’ people are using Hansheng products to study Chinese, more than 300,000 Chinese learners and teachers visiting its two running websites “Hello HSK” and “HSchinese”, Questions have been answered over 1,500,000 times. [......]

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Confucius Institute Online (网络孔子学院)

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Confucius Institute Online is devoted to creating a most influential and comprehensive website in the world by inventing effective functions such as online Chinese teaching, Chinese culture discovery, global-oriented community and media system to satisfy the need of people who are interested in Chinese learning all around the world, promote the understanding of Chinese language culture, enhance the educational and cultural cooperation between China and the world, develop the friendship between China and other countries, help to develop multicultural environment and to build up a harmonious world.[......]

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