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News Vocab

危机 (wēijī)


“危机”:【名】①潜伏的危险。②严重困难的关头。(source:《现代汉语词典》) “危机” n. crisis(source:《新世纪汉英大词典》) 解决叙利亚危机的唯一出路是立即启动多方谈判。(source: 人民网) The only way to solve Syria's crisis is to immediately hold multi-party talks.[......]

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国家安全 (guójiāānquán)


“国家” n. nation; country; state“安全” adj. safe; safety; secure(source: 《新世纪汉英大词典》)“棱镜门”事件在美国社会引起巨大争议且愈演愈烈,再度激发有关国家安全与个人隐私的讨论。(source: 新华网) Debate surrounding the recent PRISM Leaks has recently intensified in the US, once again stirring discussions over national security and individual rights of privacy. [......]

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避难所(bìnànsuǒ )


“避难” v. take refuge; seek asylum;“所” n. place; location “避难所” n. refuge; sanctuary; haven; asylum (source: 《新世纪汉英大词典》) 拉美专家指出,拉美不是斯诺登最佳避难所。(source: 新华网) Latin American experts point out that the region is not the best haven for Snowden.[......]

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黑客攻击(hēikè gōngjī)

The hacker

“黑客攻击” n. hacker attack(source: 《新世纪汉英大词典》) 6月25日,韩国总统府青瓦台和国务调整室官方网站受到黑客攻击而关闭。(source: 新华网) On June 25, the official websites for South Korea's presidential Blue House and the Government Policy Co-ordination Office were shut down due to hacker attacks.[......]

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讯问(xùnwèn )


在前日的庭审中,公诉人就起诉书的指控分别对被告人进行了单独讯问。(Source: 《新京报》) During the trial yesterday, the public prosecutor interrogated the defendant separately regarding each of the charges in the indictment. [......]

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国家主席习近平3日上午乘专机离开北京,出席在俄罗斯圣彼得堡举行的二十国集团领导人第八次峰会。 (Source: 《福建日报》) On September 3, Chinese President Xi Jinping left Beijing by special plane to attend the eighth Leaders' Summit of the Group of Twenty (G20) in Saint Petersburg, Russia. [......]

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退伍军人(tuìwǔ jūnrén)


美国海军海洋系统司令部枪击案死难者人数已经上升至13人,包括已被击毙的枪手、海军退伍军人亚伦•亚历克西斯。 (Source: 中国新闻网) The death toll of the Washington Yard shooting has risen to 13, including the deceased gunman, former US Navy reservist Aaron Alexis. [......]

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决议(juéyì )


联合国安理会于纽约当地时间27日晚一致通过一项有关叙利亚化学武器问题的决议。 (Source: 凤凰网) The UN Security Council has unanimously adopted a resolution on ridding Syria of chemical weapons on the evening of September 27, New York local time.[......]

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中方要求美国在10月17日前采取切实措施,及时解决国债上限争执。 (Source: 《环球时报》) China urged the United States to take concrete measures before October 17 to resolve disputes over the debt ceiling.[......]

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出访(chūfǎng )


在参加完东盟与东亚领导人系列峰会之后,李克强总理将出访泰国和越南。 (Source: 人民网) After attending the ASEAN and other East Asia meetings, Premier Li Keqiang will pay official visits to Thailand and Vietnam.[......]

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