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实名制(shímíng zhì)


昆明安宁市的“口罩实名制”引发广泛质疑,仅实施五天后便被匆匆叫停。(source: 《新观察》) The real-name face mask purchase policy in Anning, Yunnan Province triggered widespread concern and was suspended five days after being implemented.[......]

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公共安全(gōnggòng ānquán)


“公共安全” 是指多数人的生命、健康和公私财产的安全。(source:百度百科) “公共安全” refers ensuring the safety and security of the general public, as well public and private property. 目前各政府部门已经建立起公共安全信息系统。(source: 赛迪网) So far all government departments have already established a public security information system.[......]

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养狗证(yǎnggǒu zhèng)


“养狗” v. keep a dog(Source: 《新世纪汉英大词典》)“证” n. evidence; proof; testimony; certificate “养狗证” n. dog license 在此次整治活动中,城管局将开展养犬证年检。(Source: 中国江苏网) During this campaign, the urban management bureau will make its annual inspection of dog licenses. [......]

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不少日本政客仍打算扎堆参拜这一供奉14名第二次世界大战甲级战犯、象征日本军国主义历史的场所。(Source: 新华社) More than a few Japanese politicians still plan to make a group ritual offering [at Tokyo’s Yasukuni Shrine], which honors a total 14 Class-A war criminals and symbolizes the history of Japanese militarism.[......]

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圣诞老人长跑赛(shèng dàn lǎo rén cháng pǎo sài)Santa Race


“圣诞老人长跑赛” n. Santa race “圣诞老人” n. Santa Claus “长跑赛” n. long distance race(Source: 《新世纪汉英大词典》) 11月30日,在加拿大安大略省汉密尔顿市举行了一年一度的圣诞老人长跑赛,吸引了近千名“圣诞老人”积极参与。(Souse:新华网) Participants dressed as Santa Claus take part in the 2014 Santa Race in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Nov. 30, 2014. Around a thousand runners participated in the annual Santa Race on Sunday.[......]

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恐怖袭击(kǒngbù xíjī)


“恐怖” adj. terrifying; horrible; dreadful; horrid“袭击” n. surprise attack; raid; assault; foray(Source: 《新世纪汉英大词典》) 新疆鄯善县严重暴力恐怖袭击案于6月30日告破。(Source: 新华网) The violent terrorist attack case in Shanshan county, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region was solved on June 30.[......]

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遇袭身亡( yùxí shēnwáng)


中国驻阿富汗大使馆昨日证实,3名在阿富汗经商的中国公民在所居住的公寓楼内遇袭身亡。(Source: 深圳卫视) The Chinese Embassy to Afghanistan confirmed yesterday that three Chinese nationals who own businesses in Afghanistan had died after being attacked in their apartment building.[......]

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心形符号(xīn xíng fú hào)heart emoji


“心形” adj. heart-shaped “符号” n. symbol;sign;mark;insignia “心形符号”n. heart emoji(Source: 《新世纪汉英大词典》) 有分析数据显示,过去的12个月中,博客、推特、脸书以及全球25万家新闻媒体使用频率最高的字符是“心形符号”。(Source:新华网) A "heart emoji" was the most widely used character in blogs, Twitter and Facebook and in 250,000 global news outlets in the last 12 months, according to analysts.[......]

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最难就业年(zuì nán jiù yè nián)the hardest year for job-hunting


“最难” adj. most difficult;the hardest“就业” n. job-hunting;obtain employment “年” n. year “最难就业年”n. the hardest year for job-hunting (Source: 《新世纪汉英大词典》)今年将会有724万大学毕业生,使得2014年成为“最难就业年”。许多学生参加了一场又一场的招聘会,努力寻找一份工作,他们自己都没有意识到,第一份工作可能会决定他们的一辈子。(Source:新华网) About 7.24 million Chinese college students will graduate this year, making 2014 the hardest year for job-hunting. Many students will move from one job fair to another, struggling to find employment without realizing that the first job could probably define their whole life.[......]

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畅销(chàng xiāo)hot-selling


"畅" adj. Unimpeded;smooth "销" v. sell "畅销" n. hot-selling(Source: 《新世纪汉英大词典》) 本周三,畅销的查理周刊重返报摊,这是穆斯林武装分子屠杀了早已产生不满的查理周刊员工之后的第一版。(Source:GlobalTimes) Hot-selling Charlie Hebdo returned to newsstands on Wednesday, but its first edition since Islamist gunmen massacred its staff has already drawn the ire of Muslim groups.[......]

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