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世界小姐(shì jiè xiǎo jiě)Miss World


“世界” n. world;global;earth;welt“小姐” n. miss;young lady;dona;lady “世界小姐” n. Miss World(Source: 《新世纪汉英大词典》) 这场向全世界数百万观众直播的世界小姐总决赛,聚集了120位来自世界各地的佳丽。(Source:新华网) The Miss World final, which was broadcast to millions of viewers across the globe, featured 120 international contestants, with each deemed to be the most beautiful in their home countries.[......]

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寒潮(hán cháo)cold wave

cold wave

“寒” adj. cold;frigid;chilly “潮” n. tide;upsurge;current; “寒潮” n. cold wave(Source: 《新世纪汉英大词典》) 气象专家表示,这是北京市今年入冬以来发布的首个寒潮预警。今明两日,受强冷空气影响,京城将出现大风和强降温天气。(source:新华网) The weather experts said that this was the first cold wave warning released in Beijing since this winter.[......]

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暖男(nuǎn nán)sweet guy


“暖男” n. sweet guy;sunshine boy(Source: 《新世纪汉英大词典》) “暖” adj. warm;genial “男” n. man;male;son;boy;he 中国女性正在改变自己的择偶标准,更加中意“暖男”:男人不需要太多的钱,但要关心自己的爱人,还要会做饭。(Source:新华网) Chinese women are changing their criteria in choosing a spouse. They prefer "sweet guys", who are not rich, but care about their partner and know how to cook.[......]

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公共交通(gōnggòng jiāotōng)


“公共交通” n. public transport(Source: 《新世纪汉英大词典》) “公共” adj. public;common;communal(Source: 《新世纪汉英大词典》) “交通” n. traffic;communications;transport(Source: 《新世纪汉英大词典》) 根据一项新的调查,骑车或乘坐公共交通上班的人比开车上班的人更快乐。(Source: 新华网) Workers who cycle or take public transport to work are happier than those that drive, according to a new study.[......]

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地铁票价(dìtiě piàojià)the subway fare


“地铁票价” n. the subway fare(Source: 《新世纪汉英大词典》) “地铁” n. metro;the subway;underground(Source: 《新世纪汉英大词典》) “票价” n. fares; ticket price(Source: 《新世纪汉英大词典》) 随着官方部门讨论公共交通执行计程票方案的计划,北京即将终结地铁票价单一票制时代。(Source: 新华网) Beijing will end an era of flat-rate subway fares as authorities discuss plans to implement a metered option for public transportation.[......]

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驱逐出境(qūzhú chūjìng)


“驱逐出境” refers to the expulsion from a country of a non-citizen. 朱令案白宫请愿后,孙维是否会被美国驱逐出境再次引发关注。(source:ifeng.com) After a petition for the Zhu Ling case appeared on the White House website, widespread attention was triggered once again as to whether suspect Sun Wei would be deported from the United States. [......]

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无罪推定(wúzuì tuīdìng)


“无罪推定” also can be expressed “无罪类推” (wúzuìlèituī)or “innocence until proven guilty” “无罪推定”又称“无罪类推”,指任何人在未经证实和判决有罪之前,应视为无罪的司法原则。 无罪推定是司法审判过程中对公民个人权利的一种保障。(source:163.com) The presumption of innocence is judicial process of a guarantee of citizens' personal rights. [......]

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今天上午8时许,一架由虹桥机场起飞飞往深圳的吉祥航空HO1111航班收到威胁信息。(source: sina.com) Juneyao Airlines flight H01111 from Shanghai Hongqiao to Shenzhen received a bomb threat at around 8am this morning. [......]

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合作伙伴(hézuò huǒbàn)


“合作伙伴”refers to an individual or collective cooperating to reach a same goal. 中印总理24小时内两度会晤,决定加强合作伙伴关系。(source: cri.cn) Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh have met twice in the last 24 hours and decided to strengthen their cooperative partnership. [......]

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“性侵犯” refers to any incident in which a person is cheated, assaulted or threatened into participating or witnessing a sexual act, including lewd behavior, sexual harassment and rape. 近年来,儿童遭到性侵犯的案件数量明显增多。(source: 《京华时报》) The number of cases involving sexual assault against children has risen in recent years.[......]

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