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Chinese Food Photography Contest!


Smartphones, eh? On one hand, they’ve revolutionized news reporting and journalism. On the other, they encourage and enable us to document every single meal we eat. Our reporters have been known to take the odd photo of their food, and now we want to see yours. Submit your photos of your favorite Chinese dish or snack for a chance to win a pair of Global Times chopsticks in our latest "Speaking of China ..." reader contest![......]

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MyEChinese Essay Contest

挑战中国通英文版 (1)

As the popularity of Chinese and Chinese culture increases worldwide, more and more people are choosing Chinese as a second language. Are you one of them? Do you want to share your experiences of learning Chinese with others? Do you want to share your unique understanding of Chinese culture with others? Do you want to share interesting stories of your time in China with others?…… If you answered ‘yes!’ to the above questions, we invite you to take part in our MyEChinese Cup Chinese Essay Contest! The essay contest is aimed at global foreign Chinese learners who are interested in and familiar with Chinese culture and who are able to write essays in Chinese.[......]

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