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商场摆“武松杀嫂”雕塑 网友直呼“毁三观”


A naked sculpture at a street in Shenyang, Liaoning Province shopping mall inspired by a 14th Century Chinese novel has recently raised eyebrows and ire on the Chinese Web over the lines between culture, art and social decency. The piece, entitled "Wu Song killing Pan Jinlian," by famed artist Li Zhanyang, depicts a violent scene from the literary classic The Outlaws of Marsh where hero Wu holds a knife to a half-nude Pan while attempting to kiss her.[......]

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A Chinese energy company announced its plans to build a live-size replica of the Titanic costing 1 billion yuan ($165.5 million) in Sichuan Province at a press conference in Hong Kong on January 12.According to a spokesman for Qixing Energy Industry Investment Group, the company has contracted a US design firm and the Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Company to construct the ship with the intent of boosting tourism in the region.The project is estimated to take two years and the ship will be permanently docked along the Qijiang River in Sichuan’s Daying county.[......]

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“碎脸娃”变脸:因车祸面骨碎百块 手术后“拼脸”


A six-year-old boy whose face had been shattered in a car accident is recovering after undergoing successful reconstructive surgery in Xi'an, capital of Shaanxi Province on December 23.Xiaowen (pseudonym) underwent six hours of surgery on his nose and orbital bones at Xijing Hospital in Xi'an after suffering serious head trauma in a car accident on November 30.The boy will remain in the hospital’s ICU for three days for observation and will be discharged after ten days, according to the hospital.[......]

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A Chinese animated classic from the 1980s is about to get a reboot as a TV series, according to the official website of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television.The Gourd Brothers (also known as The Calabash Brothers) tells the story of seven siblings born from magic gourds that use their various super powers to fight monsters. The live action period comedy will be produced by a Shanxi film company.[......]

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全面二孩政策出台之后,关于冷冻胚胎的咨询非常火爆,咨询的女性之前大多都通过试管婴儿生育,大多数人都会选择冷冻剩下的胚胎,并且一般的医院都会为产妇保存胚胎若干年。如果说要生二孩的话,这些胚胎还能用吗? Since the two-child policy was put into effect, many people consulted about the embryo cryopreservation.Most of them are women who have got a child by IVF successfully and kept their embryo.Much hospitals will keep these embryos for several years.If they want one more baby, are these embryos helpful?[......]

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A 64-year-old woman is reliving the joys of motherhood at a time when most people her age spend their days caring for grandchildren, as she raises test-tube twin toddlers. Sheng Hailin, who also gives healthcare lectures across the country, described caring for her kids as "busy," admitting that she was worried about keeping up with such a demanding schedule. She also said money was on her mind. Becoming the oldest woman in China to give birth three years ago, Sheng finally gave birth to the babies on May 25, 2010 in Hefei, Anhui Province, with help from doctors. She had first tried to conceive a test-tube baby in 2009, after the death of her and her husband's only daughter, who died in a gas poisoning accident.[......]

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我国首部反家暴法今天起正式施行,除了殴打、残害、限制人身自由等侵害行为外,经常性谩骂、恐吓也属于家庭暴力,而同居关系中发生暴力行为同样适用。 China’s first domestic violence law come into effect today. In addition to assault,abuse and illegal restriction of personal freedom,the regular vituperation and threat belong to the domestic violence. This applies to the cohabiting relationship.[......]

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Six university students in Guangzhou invented a detachable G-string shaped condom which they claim is more effective in preventing pregnancy and disease than traditional prophylactics. Kong Yanxiang, a junior at South Medical University and head of the research team, explains that their “The Guardian of Love” uses a G-string to secure the condom in place. The condom is not only flavored with Chinese herbs, but also boasts anti-slip micro-capsules that safely store semen during intercourse.[......]

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