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Asking about the wifi

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01 Dialogue

A Qǐngwèn,zhèlǐ yǒuwifima?

请问,这里 有 wifi 吗?
(Excuse me, is there any wifi here?)

B Yǒu.
(There is.)

A Mìmǎ shì duōshao?
密码 是 多少?
(What’s the password?)

B Liù gè bā.
六 个 八。
(Six eights.)

A Hǎole,xièxie!
(Ok, thank you!)


02 Key Word



03 Expansion


2.Wifi mìmǎ shì duōshao?
What’s the wifi password?

3. Nǐ zhīdao mìmǎ ma?
Do you know the password?

4. wǒ bùzhīdào mìmǎ.
I don’t know the password.


04 Exercise

1. Choose the corresponding Pinyin of the words.
① thanks ② password ③ how much ④ Excuse me
Xièxie duōshao qǐngwèn mìmǎ
A 谢谢 B.多少 C .请问 D. 密码

2. Fill in the blank.
zhèlǐ yǒuwifima?
—( ),这里 有 wifi 吗?
Mìmǎ shì
—密码 是 ( )?

duōshao qǐngwèn
A. 多少 B. 请问

Answers to the exercise:
1. ① A ② D ③ B ④ C
2. B、A

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