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A 64-year-old woman is reliving the joys of motherhood at a time when most people her age spend their days caring for grandchildren, as she raises test-tube twin toddlers. Sheng Hailin, who also gives healthcare lectures across the country, described caring for her kids as “busy,” admitting that she was worried about keeping up with such a demanding schedule. She also said money was on her mind. Becoming the oldest woman in China to give birth three years ago, Sheng finally gave birth to the babies on May 25, 2010 in Hefei, Anhui Province, with help from doctors. She had first tried to conceive a test-tube baby in 2009, after the death of her and her husband’s only daughter, who died in a gas poisoning accident.

Try to learn the Chinese words from the video.



Pinyin: tè shū


Sentence:We had a special event in the school gym.我们在校体育馆举行了一次特殊的活动。



Pinyin: huā jiǎ

Meaning:a cycle of sixty years

Sentence: Although my grandfather over 60, but he loves climbing.我爷爷虽然年过花甲,但是很爱爬山。



Pinyin:shī dú

Meaning:Shidu, parents who have lost their only child

Sentence: Her and her husband’s only daughter died in a gas poisoning accident,they have now become the lost old man. 她和丈夫唯一的女儿因为煤气中毒去世了,他们现在变成了失独老人。



Pinyin: shì guǎn

Meaning:test tube

Sentence:The first so-called test tube baby, louise brown, was born in england in 1978. 1978年,世上第一个试管婴儿路易斯布朗在英国出生。



Pinyin: jí xiàn

Meaning: the limit;the maximum

Sentence: Many emerging economies are now reaching their maximum tolerance of inflation.许多新兴经济体对通胀的容忍如今已达到极限。



Pinyin: gāo líng

Meaning: eld

Sentence:Employers may be mistaken if they assume that older workers lack the animal spirits to make a go of new ventures.如果雇主认为高龄员工缺少做业务需要的年轻的活力,那他们就大错特错了。

(★ means that vocabulary beyond the outlines)

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