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郑州大爷自造兰博基尼送孙子 造价五千


2014 February 19, Henan province Zhengzhou city Erqi district — The over 50-year-old Old Guo spent 5000 yuan and used his own hands to build a “Lamborghini” sports car to take his grandson to school.

Try to learn the Chinese words from the video.


1. 手工(HSK5)

Pinyin: shǒu gōng

Meaning: handwork

Sentence: We prepare handmade loaves with only natural ingredients.我们只用天然原料手工制作面包。


2. 打造(★)

Pinyin: dǎ zào

Meaning: make

Sentence: Great results take time to build.出色的业绩需要时间来打造。



Pinyin: yīn xiǎng

Meaning: sound

Sentence: They bought the biggest television and sound system their living room could accommodate.他们会购买适合他们家客厅的最大的电视机和音响系统。


4. 喇叭(HSK6)

Pinyin: lǎ bā

Meaning: horn

Sentence: A taxi cab honked its horn.出租车按响起了喇叭。



Pinyin: shǒu yì

Meaning: craft

Sentence: All kinds of traditional craft industries are preserved here.这里保留着各种各样的传统手艺。

(★ means that vocabulary beyond the HSK outlines)

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