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“碎脸娃”变脸:因车祸面骨碎百块 手术后“拼脸”


A six-year-old boy whose face had been shattered in a car accident is recovering after undergoing successful reconstructive surgery in Xi’an, capital of Shaanxi Province on December 23.Xiaowen (pseudonym) underwent six hours of surgery on his nose and orbital bones at Xijing Hospital in Xi’an after suffering serious head trauma in a car accident on November 30.The boy will remain in the hospital’s ICU for three days for observation and will be discharged after ten days, according to the hospital.


Try to learn the Chinese words from the video.



Pinyin: chē huò

Meaning: traffic accident

Sentence: A policeman comes upon a traffic accident. The driver and passenger had been killed.一名警察发现一起车祸,司机和坐车的都死了。


2. 骨折(★)

Pinyin: gǔ zhé

Meaning: cataclasis;fracture

Sentence: I don’t feel very well because I had a fracture.我感觉很不好,因为我骨折了。



Pinyin: shǒu shù

Meaning: operation; surgery

Sentence: Surgery doesn’t work for everyone.女生并不喜欢那些用谎言来博取芳心的家伙。手术不是对每个人都有效。



Pinyin: pīn tú

Meaning: jigsaw

Sentence: These cool pillows were inspired by the jigsaw puzzle pieces.这些很酷的枕头是受智力拼图玩具所启发制作的。



Pinyin: zhuàng jī

Meaning: strike;hit;ram

Sentence: The car had apparently hit a traffic sign before skidding out of control.那辆汽车显然是撞击交通标志牌后打滑失控的。

(★ means that vocabulary beyond the HSK outlines)

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