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China’s first domestic violence law come into effect today. In addition to assault,abuse and illegal restriction of personal freedom,the regular vituperation and threat belong to the domestic violence. This applies to the cohabiting relationship.

Try to learn the Chinese words from the video.

1. 法规

Pinyin: fǎguī

Meaning: law and regulations

Sentence:The new law comes into force next month.新法规下月实施。

2. 家暴

Pinyin:jiā bào

Meaning:family/domestic violence

Sentence:Government should devote to prevent and eradicate domestic violence.政府应该致力于防止和根除家暴。

3. 监护人



Sentence:Parents are chidren’s guardians by nature.父母是孩子的监护人。

4. 报案

Pinyin: bào’àn

Meaning: report a case

Sentence: She reported a case to the police.她向警方报了案。

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