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“性”  n. sex, sexual(source: 《新世纪汉英大词典》)
“侵犯”    v. encroach/infringe upon; violate(source: 《新世纪汉英大词典》)
“性侵犯”  n. sexual assault(source: 《新世纪汉英大词典》)

“性侵犯” 是指对他人采用欺骗、施暴、教唆及其他方式进行猥亵、性骚扰或强奸等侵犯行为。(source: 《现代汉语词典》)
“性侵犯” refers to any incident in which a person is cheated, assaulted or threatened into participating or witnessing a sexual act, including lewd behavior, sexual harassment and rape.


近年来,儿童遭到性侵犯的案件数量明显增多。(source: 《京华时报》)

The number of cases involving sexual assault against children has risen in recent years.

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