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Six university students in Guangzhou invented a detachable G-string shaped condom which they claim is more effective in preventing pregnancy and disease than traditional prophylactics. Kong Yanxiang, a junior at South Medical University and head of the research team, explains that their “The Guardian of Love” uses a G-string to secure the condom in place. The condom is not only flavored with Chinese herbs, but also boasts anti-slip micro-capsules that safely store semen during intercourse.


Try to learn the Chinese words from the video.


Pinyin: bì yùn tào

Meaning: condom

Sentence: Before using a condom, read the instructions carefully.在使用避孕套之前,请仔细阅读说明书。


2. 团队(

Pinyin: tuán duì

Meaning: team

Sentence: We work like a team here.我们像团队一样地工作。



Pinyin: chuàng yè

Meaning: Entrepreneurship

Sentence: Entrepreneurship means taking responsibility for yourself.创业意味着你要对自己承担责任。



Pinyin: bǐ sài

Meaning: match

Sentence: He was watching a football match.他正在观看一场足球比赛



Pinyin: yán jiū

Meaning: research

Sentence: Innovation also demands basic research.创新需要基础性研究

( means that vocabulary beyond the HSK outlines)

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