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A Chinese energy company announced its plans to build a live-size replica of the Titanic costing 1 billion yuan ($165.5 million) in Sichuan Province at a press conference in Hong Kong on January 12.According to a spokesman for Qixing Energy Industry Investment Group, the company has contracted a US design firm and the Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Company to construct the ship with the intent of boosting tourism in the region.The project is estimated to take two years and the ship will be permanently docked along the Qijiang River in Sichuan’s Daying county.

Try to learn the Chinese words from the video.


Pinyin: shē chǐ

Meaning: luxurious

Sentence: She had come to enjoy Roberto’s luxurious lifestyle.她渐渐地喜欢上了罗伯托奢侈的生活方式。



Pinyin: jīng diǎn

Meaning: classics

Sentence: Teenagers are still reading the classics.青少年仍然在阅读经典文学名著。



Pinyin: lǚ yóu

Meaning: tourism

Sentence: Tourism is the number one service we export.旅游事业是我们最重要的出口服务。



Pinyin: fù yuán

Meaning: restore

Sentence: The experts specialise in examining and restoring ancient parchments.专家们致力于检查和复原古代羊皮纸文稿。



Pinyin: tǐ yàn

Meaning: experience

Sentence: Every company provides a customer experience.每一家公司都提供了客户体验。



Pinyin: zhǎng duò

Meaning: steer a boat

Sentence: The sailors are quarreling with one another about the steering-every one is of the opinion that he has a right to steer a boat.水手们互相争吵该如何行船,每个人都觉得他有权来掌舵此船。

(★ means that vocabulary beyond the HSK outlines)

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