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商场摆“武松杀嫂”雕塑 网友直呼“毁三观”


A naked sculpture at a street in Shenyang, Liaoning Province shopping mall inspired by a 14th Century Chinese novel has recently raised eyebrows and ire on the Chinese Web over the lines between culture, art and social decency. The piece, entitled “Wu Song killing Pan Jinlian,” by famed artist Li Zhanyang, depicts a violent scene from the literary classic The Outlaws of Marsh where hero Wu holds a knife to a half-nude Pan while attempting to kiss her.

Try to learn the Chinese words from the video.



Pinyin: qíng jié

Meaning: plot

Sentence: It’s a classic plot: love versus political loyalty.情节是经典的,讲的是爱情与政治忠诚之间的冲突。



Pinyin: shāng chǎng

Meaning: mall

Sentence: she sit alone and eat lunch in a crowded mall.她独自坐在拥挤的商场吃午餐。


3. 雕塑(HSK6)

Pinyin: diāo sù

Meaning: sculpture

Sentence: This sculpture has caused public outcry.这座雕塑引起了公众的质疑。



Pinyin: dòng tǐ

Meaning: body

Sentence: Embroidered bed sheets will imprint a message on your body.绣花床单会在你的胴体上印上信息。


5. 本能(HSK6)

Pinyin: běn néng

Meaning: instinct

Sentence: I believe that this is an evolved instinct.我认为这是进化出来的本能。



Pinyin: yù wàng

Meaning: box lunch

Sentence: An inflated desire makes you do things you should not. 欲望的膨胀使你做一些不应该做的事情。

(★ means that vocabulary beyond the HSK outlines)

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