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Since the two-child policy was put into effect, many people consulted about the embryo cryopreservation.Most of them are women who have got a child by IVF successfully and kept their embryo.Much hospitals will keep these embryos for several years.If they want one more baby, are these embryos helpful?

Try to learn the Chinese words from the video.


Pinyin: quán miàn


Sentence:His account was most comprehensive.他叙述得很全面。


Pinyin: zīxún

Meaning:seek advice from;consult;hold counsel with

Sentence:We provide consulting service. 我们提供咨询服务。


Pinyin: shēngyù

Meaning:give birth to;bear

Sentence:She had borne two children.她已经生育了两个孩子。


Pinyin: pínggū

Meaning: evaluate;assess;appraise

Sentence:They can access children’s intelligence from their tests.他们能通过这些测试对儿童的智力进行评估。

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