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A Chinese animated classic from the 1980s is about to get a reboot as a TV series, according to the official website of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television.The Gourd Brothers (also known as The Calabash Brothers) tells the story of seven siblings born from magic gourds that use their various super powers to fight monsters. The live action period comedy will be produced by a Shanxi film company.


Try to learn the Chinese words from the video.


1. 葫芦娃

Pinyin: húluwá

Meaning: Calabash Brothers

Sentence: Calabash Brothers is an old Chinese cartoon premiere in 1987.《葫芦娃》是一部于1987年首映的国产老动画。


2. 电视剧(

Pinyin: diàn shì jù

Meaning: TV play

Sentence: Tom likes watching tv play.汤姆喜欢看电视剧



Pinyin: dòng huà piān

Meaning: cartoon

Sentence: The thing we really liked was your cartoon.我们真正喜欢的东西是你的动画片



Pinyin: huí yì

Meaning: memory

Sentence: She laughed happily at the memory.回忆起这些事情来她笑得很开心。



Pinyin: zāo tà

Meaning: waste

Sentence: The system wastes a large amount of water.这套系统浪费了大量的水。

( means that vocabulary beyond the HSK outlines)

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