• Picture 30

    1.服务员(fú wù yuán)waiter
    2.顾客(gù kè)customer
    3.点餐(diǎn cān)order[......]

  • 瑞雪兆丰年(ruìxuězhàofēnɡnián)winter snow means a good harvest

    A: We got a huge snow storm where I live recently. It’s super cold.
    (wǒjiā zuìjìn xià le hǎodà yìchǎnɡ xuě. tiān tèbié lěnɡ.)
    B: You should be happy. As the saying goes “winter snow means a good harvest,” the fact it snowed a lot is a lucky sign!
    (kāixīndiǎn. súhuàshuō, ruìxuězhàofēnɡnián. xiànzài xiàdàxuě shìɡè hǎo zhàotóu.)[......]

  • 闹洞房(nào dòng fáng)rough horseplay at weddings


    “闹” v. make a noise;stir up trouble;give vent;suffer from;do;
    “洞房” n. bridal chamber;nuptial chamber;“闹洞房” n. rough horseplay at weddings(Source: 《新世纪汉英大词典》)
    Some regions in China have a tradition of rough horseplay at weddings. Newlyweds are put through a series of tasks, and sometimes outrageous pranks in the bridal chamber are played on them.[......]

  • 第六十一课 最后的演出


    1. 大家去过动物园吗?见到过哪些动物呢?
    2. 大家看过动物表演杂技吗?印象深刻的是?

  • Transsexual wins landmark right-to-wed case in Hong Kong

    Chinese you need

    Transsexual:变性的 (mà rén de)
    Groundbreaking:突破性的 (zǔ zhī)
    Appeal:上诉 (jiù yuán)
    Verdict:裁决 (jù jiāo)
    Realignment:重组 (cí shàn)
    Gender:性别 (jī jīn huì)
    Marry:结婚 (bú tòu míng de)
    Contrary:相反的 (duì bǐ)
    Recognize:认出 (wěi yuán huì)
    Surgery:手术 (fèn lí)
    Decision:决定 (jīng jì xué)
    Suspend:暂停 (gòng yīng)
    Change:变化 (chéng dù)
    Minority:少数 (shì chǎng)[......]

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