• Picture 49

    1.雪橇(xuě qiāo)sldge
    2.木屋(mù wū)log cabin
    3.游客(yóu kè)visitor[......]

  • 收货焦虑(shōuhuò jiāolǜ)package anxiety

    A: My laptop is completely useless now. I have to get a new one this weekend.
    我的笔记本电脑彻底坏了, 这周末一定要换个新的。
    (wǒde bǐjìběn diànnǎo chèdǐ huàile, zhè zhōumò yīdìnɡ yào huàn ɡè xīnde.)
    B: I remember you talking about this over and over again last week. Why didn’t you get a new one then?
    我记得你上周就在念叨这事, 怎么还没换?
    (wǒ jìdé nǐ shànɡzhōu jiùzài niàndāo zhèshì, zěnme háiméi huàn?)
    A: I was waiting at home for a delivery. Since I didn’t know when it would arrive, I didn’t dare arrange time for anything else.
    上周在家等快递。由于不知道什么时候会送到, 就没敢安排其他事。
    (shànɡzhōu zàijiā děnɡ kuàidì. yóuyú bù zhīdào shénme shíhòu huì sònɡdào, jiùméi ɡǎn ānpái qítā shì.)
    B: This is called package anxiety. Sometimes, I don’t even go to the bathroom because I don’t know when someone is going to knock on the door.
    这就是收货焦虑。有时因为不知道什么时候会有人敲门, 我连厕所都不上。
    (zhè jiùshì shōuhuò jiāolǜ. yǒushí yīnwèi bù zhīdào shénme shíhòu huì yǒurén qiāomén, wǒlián cèsuǒ dōu bùshànɡ.)[......]

  • 实名制(shímíng zhì)


    昆明安宁市的“口罩实名制”引发广泛质疑,仅实施五天后便被匆匆叫停。(source: 《新观察》)
    The real-name face mask purchase policy in Anning, Yunnan Province triggered widespread concern and was suspended five days after being implemented.[......]

  • 第九十一课 儒家思想助力环境保护



  • Nepotism rife in fast govt promotions

    Chinese you need

    Expose:曝光 (pùguāng)
    Promotion:晋升 (jìnshēng)
    Nepotism:裙带关系 (qúndài guānxì)
    Transparency:透明 (tòumíng)
    Recruit:招纳 (zhāonà)
    Experience:经验 (jīngyàn)
    Official:官员 (guānyuán)
    Remove:去除 (qùchú)
    Connection:关系 (guānxì)
    Inherit:继承 (jìchéng)
    Investigation:调查 (diàochá)
    Manipulate:操纵 (cāozòng)
    Unnecessary:没必要的 (méi bìyào de)
    Industry:工业 (gōngyè)[......]

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